Share Your Pictures

Do you have a nice Philippines Bikini picture that you have taken while visiting one of trhe many Philippine Islands, or from Boracay the top tourist destination in the Philippines? If so then please Contact Us and learn more about how you can share your photo with our visitors, sharing images can be fun, exciting and even educational. 

If you would like to share a Philippines Bikini photo you have taken, please follow the steps listed here:

  1. You agree that the image you are submitting is yours, you personally took the image and own the copyright.
  2. The picture must have been taken on one of the Philippines Islands.
  3. You must provide between 300 and 500 words that describe your picture.
  4. You can provide one outbound link with the anchor text of your choice to any related website.

We do reserve the right to reject any picture if it does not meet our standard.